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Is Africa lost in transitions?

25 January 2022

On January 25, the EUISS and the European Council’s Working Party on Africa (COAFR) held their fifteenth meeting to discuss democratic transitions, citizen engagement and peaceful mobilisation in Africa.

The meeting analysed how to promote democratic outcomes in ongoing transitions, and the extent to which African citizens’ aspirations to live in more accountable democratic societies are or not being met by African leaders.

Prof. Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi and Prof. Robert Mattes (Afrobarometer) shared their experience on democracy, governance, rule of law and public policy, while feeding the discussion with survey results on demands and wishes of the African people.

Dr. Katariina Mustasilta (Finnish Institute of International Affairs) presented the results of her research on non-violent mobilisation leading to inclusive governance, more accountable regimes and societal change.

EUISS-COAFR meetings are coordinated and chaired by EUISS Senior Analyst Giovanni Faleg.