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Africa-Europe relationship in a fragmented world

24 January 2023
Participants to the seminar sitting around a table with screens © EUISS

The Institute and the European External Action Service co-organised an expert seminar in Brussels to exchange perspectives on geopolitical transformations and their implications for Africa-Europe relations.

The discussion consisted of two sessions:

  • Geopolitical changes and shocks: addressing the impact of the war in Ukraine on pre-existing geopolitical trends, including the food, energy, and debt crises.
  • Policy implications: bulding on the first session, participants were invited to share views and perspectives on the impact of these global trends on the relationship between Africa and Europe. They reflected on issues such as key priorities for the African Union-EU partnership, common security concerns and entry points for closer cooperation between the two continents.

The seminar aimed to create a regular platform for interaction between African and European thinkers, opinion-makers and researchers, to foster mutual learning, shared understanding and engagement to better cope with new trends and geopolitical dynamics.