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As part of its mission to find a common security culture for the EU, to help develop and project the CFSP, and to enrich Europe’s strategic debate, the Institute regularly releases publications on the topics and regions at the core of the Union's work. 

The Institute’s flagship publication is its series of Chaillot Papers, which are based on focused, in-depth research. The Institute also publishes a Yearbook (YES), Reports, and shorter Briefs and Alerts

  • Putting numbers on capabilities: defence inflation vs. cost escalation

    Brief - No27 - 24 July 2015

    Katharina Wolf

    This Brief seeks to improve the understanding of the relation between (cripplingly) expensive capabilities and complex security challenges. What are the true effects of cost escalation of weapon systems? And is European defence suffering as a result?

  • China: reshaping the global order?

    Alert - No39 - 24 July 2015

    Alice Ekman

    Beijing's foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific is based on the firm belief that its economic weight will eventually convert into political and strategic clout. This Alert examines how the creation of regional and global institutions has become a key objective to support this strategy.

  • Asylum flows to the EU: blip or norm?

    Alert - No38 - 24 July 2015

    Roderick Parkes

    In May 2015, the EU-28, Switzerland and Norway received the highest number of asylum applications on record. What is the EU doing to address the matter? And will these refugee pressures remain a permanent feature of world affairs?

  • Adding fuel to the fire? Arming the Kurds

    Alert - No37 - 23 July 2015

    Jan Joel Andersson, Florence Gaub

    The decision by EU member states – and others – to supply the Iraqi Kurds with weapons in the face of an onslaught by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) seems logical. But what unintended future consequences could this have?