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Along the road – Gwadar and China’s power projection

31 July 2018

Gwadar port is a flagship project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The construction of the port near the Gulf of Hormuz gives China access to the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. This Brief argues that the geostrategic dimension of the project far outweighs its economic potential, and that this will likely affect the regional balance of power. 

Along the road – Sri Lanka’s tale of two ports

18 April 2018

The first in the EUISS series ‘Along the road’, which will examine the security implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), this Brief looks at how the debt trap Sri Lanka found itself in may provide some useful lessons learned. What are the domestic and regional impacts of Beijing’s large-scale investments in the island nation?

The Indo-Pacific – A passage to Europe?

15 March 2018

This Brief sets the stage for an upcoming EUISS series entitled 'Along the road', which will examine the security implications of China’s Belt and Road (BRI) connectivity project. Through a collection of case studies from infrastructure projects and countries situated ‘Along the road’, this series will seek to gather concrete evidence of the success or failure of Beijing’s new geopolitical project. 

China's Road: into Eastern Europe

15 February 2017

China’s endeavour to establish new economic corridors in the region covered by the block’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) policy poses both opportunities and challenges. What are the best policy solutions to achieve synergy between European and Chinese projects in the region?

China's Road: into the Western Balkans

15 February 2017

Four years after Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the ‘New Silk Road’ initiative in 2013, the main thrust of the infrastructure projects has been in Asia. However, the Western Balkans is also becoming increasingly involved in related discussions and projects on its western end.

China in the Middle East: not just about oil

13 July 2016

As the US solidifies its position in the Pacific through the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP) agreement, China is striving to rebalance to the West. The ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative is now driving the promotion of loans, investments and high-technology in the Middle East. But what are Beijing’s wider strategic goals?

China: reshaping the global order?

24 July 2015

Beijing's foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific is based on the firm belief that its economic weight will eventually convert into political and strategic clout. This Alert examines how the creation of regional and global institutions has become a key objective to support this strategy.

EU-China Strategic Dialogue 2015

13 March 2015

On 13 March, the EUISS and the China Institute for Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) held their annual exchange of views in Beijing.

China: setting the agenda(s)?

06 March 2015

Since Xi Jinping came to power, China has been pursuing a more active foreign policy. With Beijing now expanding its ambitious infrastructure development plans to Europe and Central Asia, how could the EU shape a common approach based on its priorities in Asia?

Central Asia: the view from China

23 January 2015

The final instalment in the trio of Alerts dealing with Central Asia, this publication tackles the regional issues facing Beijing. What vision does China have for the countries on its western frontiers? Ones which were previously considered to be in Russia's backyard.