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As part of its mission to find a common security culture for the EU, to help develop and project the CFSP, and to enrich Europe’s strategic debate, the Institute regularly releases publications on the topics and regions at the core of the Union's work.

The Institute’s flagship publication is its series of Chaillot Papers, which are based on focused, in-depth research. The EUISS also publishes a Yearbook (YES), Reports, and shorter Briefs.

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    21June 2023
    Pakistan currently faces a perfect storm of economic, political and security crises. This Brief explores the key drivers of instability that plague Pakistan and their potential repercussions beyond the country’s borders.
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    14June 2023
    This Brief explores the sphere in which Russia’s state-controlled irregular armed groups operate, focusing in particular on the notorious Wagner Group and their impact on violent conflicts.
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    24May 2023
    In 2022 Moldova faced one of the most dangerous moments in its recent history. This Brief explores how the country has sought to strengthen its security and resilience in the shadow of Russia’s war on Ukraine.
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    17May 2023
    Food for impact

    This book presents 38 contributions from EU civilian crisis management experts, which fed into the policymaking process leading to the adoption of the new Civilian CSDP Compact in May 2023.

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    28April 2023
    This Brief explores security risks for the EU emanating from Afghanistan by assessing the evolving Islamist terrorism threat since the Taliban regained control of the country in August 2021.
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    03April 2023
    After many years of underinvestment in defence, EU Member States are rearming. This Brief reviews the record of European armaments collaboration and sets out under what conditions common defence acquisition and joint arms procurement make most sense (and when it does not).
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    28March 2023
    While it is a key pillar of the AfCFTA , transport connectivity has the potential to either advance or hinder peacebuilding and stabilisation efforts in Africa. This Brief examines the linkage between connectivity and conflict dynamics, and how conditions can be created to ensure that connectivity successfully contributes to reducing violence and fragility in the continent.
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    22March 2023
    This Brief examines China’s newly-unveiled Global Security Initiative (GSI) and its significance as part of a larger diplomatic offensive to advance Beijing’s strategic agenda and promote an alternative security governance architecture.
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    15March 2023
    In recent years both China and India have expanded their presence in the Middle East. This Brief shows however that their footprint in the Maghreb is primarily economic and remains light in comparison to that of the long-standing partner of the countries in the region: the EU.
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    09March 2023
    The impact of the low carbon transition on the oil and gas economy

    In the light of the energy crisis engulfing Europe and the world since autumn 2021, this Chaillot Paper examines the transformation of the global energy system and its concrete implications for the EU in terms of its energy and national security, strategic sovereignty and geopolitical ambitions.