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Seminar on information technology security in the 21st century: implications for the EU

05 March 2004

Session 1: Why should we care about IT security?
Nicole Gnesotto
IT infrastructures as platforms for attacks
Participant from SGDN
Potential spill over effects (critical infrastructure)
Martin Davis, Outreach Team, National Infrastructure Co-ordination Centre (NISCC)

Session 2: Information security (Infosec) vulnerabilities
Burkard Schmitt
Threats to the IT backbone
Gustav Lindström, Research Fellow, EUISS
Risks posed by “monoculture” and proprietary standards
Jean Pierre Quemard, Chief Executive Officer, EADS Telecom

Session 3: Managing threats to IT infrastructures
Gustav Lindström
Criteria and strategies for an effective IT-security risk management
Gebhard Geiger, Research Fellow, Technische Universität München & SWP
Legal measures
Participant from SGDN
Public awareness measures
Reinhard Hutter, Senior Vice President InfoCom, Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (IABG)

Session 4: IT security in Europe—current and future steps
Gustav Lindström
National and EU level policies to counter IT threats
Participant from SGDN
Implications for CFSP/ESDP
Bartolomeo Manenti, Head of Division Infosec, Secretariat General of the Council of the European Union
Towards an effective EU policy
Laurent Cabirol, Project Officer, DG Information Society, European Commission