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Russia - A difficult partner for the EU

23 April 2007

The EUISS organised a workshop entitled ‘Russia – A difficult partner for the EU’ on 23 April 2007 in Paris. The group of participants included experts from different EU member states and representatives of EU institutions as well as of Foreign Ministries.The aim of the workshop was to set up a Russia Task Force, which will meet twice a year and discuss topical issues relating to Russia’s domestic and international affairs. The next meeting is scheduled for the autumn and is likely to be dedicated to the upcoming Duma and Presidential elections and their implications for Russia’s foreign policy and relations with the EU. The programme of the first meeting focused mainly on three issues: Russia’s domestic situation one year before the Presidential elections and the probable end of Vladimir Putin’s term in office; recent changes in Russia’s foreign policy; and policy options for the EU against the backdrop of domestic and foreign policy developments.

Session I:
Russia's Domestic Situation at the End of Putin's Presidency - A Strong State? Session II:
Russia's International Position at the End of Putin's Presidency - A New Foreign Policy? Session III:
Russia as an Important and Difficult Partner - What Policy Priorities for the EU?