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Middle East Foresight Forum

28 October 2019
Florence Gaub presents her paper at the lectern

On 28 of October 2019, the EUISS organised the Middle East Foresight Forum in Brussels to discuss the key challenges ahead in a region known for catching its observers off guard time and time again.

Panellists included Fernando Gentilini, Managing Director at the European External Action Service (EEAS), Dahlia Rahaimy, a freelance journalist based in Saudi Arabia, Tarik M. Yousef, Director at Brookings Doha, and Rana Zakarneh, a diplomat at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The keynote speech was delivered by Charif Hamidi, co-founder and CEO of Education 4.0. Dr Florence Gaub, EUISS Deputy Director, also presented three scenarios laid out in her latest Chaillot Paper Arab Futures 2.0.

Topics discussed included the recent protest movements, women and youth empowerment, the region’s conflicts and opportunities for EU foreign policy.