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Global governance: the European Union's contribution

29 May 2006

Welcome and introduction: Nicole Gnesotto, Director, EUISS, Paris

Session I: Multilateralism in crisis
Nicole Gnesotto, Director EUISS, Paris
Bruno Tertrais, FRS, Paris
Adam Daniel Rotfeld, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland, Warsaw

Session II: How to fill the global governance gap?
Otmar Höll, OIIP, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Vienna
Jean-Marc Siroën, Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris
Piotr Tulej, Head of Renewable Energy Unit, International Energy Agency, Paris
Lothar Brock, PRIF, Peace Research Institute, Frankfurt

Session III: Options for global governance
Enrique Mora, High Representative's Cabinet, EU Council, Brussels
Fred Halliday, London School of Economics and Political Science, London
Martin Ortega, EUISS, Paris

Conclusion: What role for the European Union in global governance?
Mario Teló, Président de l'Institut d'Etudes européennes, ULB, Bruxelles
Nicole Gnesotto, Director EUISS, Paris