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EUISS foresight podcast – China miniseries

17 July 2020
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The EUISS foresight podcast looks at the role of a rising China in the form of a three-part miniseries. 

1) What if…China’s diplomacy is more predictable than we think?

China not only has a vision for a different world order, it also has a vision for deploying different diplomatic practices. In this first episode of our miniseries on China, EUISS Senior Analyst Alice Ekman discusses the distinctive methods of Chinese diplomacy with Deputy Director Florence Gaub, explains why these are a challenge for the EU, and how it should respond.

2) What if…China wants to be a superpower?

As China gains more and more influence on the global stage, the big question is what it intends to achieve with this new status. In this second episode of our miniseries on China, Alice Ekman and Florence Gaub discuss how China has moved from quietist diplomacy to expansive geopolitical ambition, and what this could mean for the rest of the world.

3) What if…China rode the techno-ticket to power?

While technology might be just the sum of science and industry, for China it is a pillar of its geopolitical ambition. In this last episode of our miniseries on China, Alice Ekman and Florence Gaub dig deeper into the role of technology in China’s pursuit of power, and take stock of where we are at – and where we are going.