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Photo of EUISS podcast recording studio

The EUISS foresight podcast

03 March 2020

The EUISS' ‘What if’ podcast is a foreign policy foresight conversation: it looks at fictional scenarios that could happen between now and the end of 2021, discussing questions like: under what circumstances could this come about? What would it mean? Can we prevent it, or how would we have to respond to it? And lastly: how likely is it?

The current series finished at the end of February 2020 and all links can be found below. In the meantime, subscribe here and stay tuned for future episodes: AppleSpotifySimplecast.

1) What if... there was another American civil war? 

2) What if...another civil war became international?

3) What if...Russia and Europe clashed in Africa?

4) What if...Warren/Trump/Biden became president in 2021 - and what each means for the Middle East

5) What if...Russia clashes with Ukraine in the Sea of Azov?

6) What if...China and Russia partner up in cyberspace?