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Call for expression of interest – Graphic Designers roster

The EUISS is seeking to create a roster of qualified experts in the field of graphic design and data visualisation who may be involved in its projects, publications and activities in Paris and Brussels.

Under the primary supervision of the Director, the post would be attached to the EUISS Publications and Outreach team, and the selected candidate would be working in close cooperation with the Public Information Officer (PIO) and the Publications Officer (PO).

Description of post

The graphic designer would be responsible for:

  • Creating on demand and proposing graphics (infographics, maps, graphs etc.) for publications and outreach material;
  • Defining the Institute’s corporate identity and ensuring its correct application;
  • Preparing templates for presentation materials and publications;
  • Designing posters and backdrops for EUISS events as well as helping with promotional materials;
  • Formatting publications and other material;
  • Data and fact checking as required.

Under the supervision of the PIO, the person would contribute to:

  • Updating and developing the EUISS website;
  • Developing social media and maximising outreach.

Eligibility requirements

At the time of the closing date for applications, candidates must fulfil all the following conditions:

  • Be a national of a member state of the European Union;
  • Enjoy full rights as a citizen attested by a recent extract from judicial records and/or certificate of good conduct;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by national law on military service;
  • Be physically fit to perform the required duties;
  • At least three years’ experience in a similar role and a proven portfolio of graphic design work.

Selection requirements


  • Excellent oral and written knowledge of English and at least one other official language of the EU;
  • Proven experience in graphic design and data visualisation;
  • Excellent command of formatting software (in particular InDesign);
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and diplomatic skills and ability to operate in a multi-national setting;
  • An ability to balance work on several projects at a time and retain a keen eye for detail.


  • Familiarity with the EU institutional environment and a record of collaboration with EU bodies;
  • Good knowledge of the work of the EUISS and the EEAS and familiarity with how the broader European foreign policy machinery functions;
  • Knowledge of content management systems (Drupal, Typo 3);
  • A university degree or technical diploma in the field of graphic design.


All interested candidates must complete the online application form, and attach:

  • A detailed CV, with clear description of education and professional experience;
  • A portfolio of graphic design work (PDF format, maximum 7 MB);
  • A short cover letter addressed to the Director;

Applications received by email, fax or post will not be considered. Only correctly and fully completed applications will be accepted.

The deadline for submitting applications has now been extended to Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 1800 CET.

An internal Selection Committee, chaired by the EUISS Director, will screen the applications and establish a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed via conference call. Following the interviews, those deemed fully suitable will be put on a reserve list with a validity of one year, renewable once.

Depending on available budgetary resources, operational needs as well as qualifications and experience, an applicant may be offered a contract as an EUISS staff member (grade B5/B6) or temporary contract of a duration of up to two years with an equivalent remuneration package. Should this be the case, candidates will be required to attend a second interview in person and undertake a test.

The whole procedure should be completed by 15 May 2017.

All candidates will be informed of the results of their application by the end of the procedure.

The EUISS is an equal opportunities employer and accepts applications without distinction on the grounds of age, race, political, philosophical or religious conviction, sex or sexual orientation and regardless of disabilities, marital status or family situation.

The processing of personal data by the EUISS is governed by Regulation (EC) N°45/2001. By submitting an application, the applicant consents to the processing of the personal data contained in the application form and the supporting documents enclosed therewith, in the sense of Article 5 (a) of the Regulation. The personal data in question is collected by the EUISS for the sole purpose of this selection process.

Complaints: Candidates have the right to address to the Director of the EUISS an administrative complaint under Article 30.1 of the EUISS Staff Regulations. The complaint must be directed against an act that adversely affects their legal status as a candidate.

Candidates have also the right to submit an appeal to the EUISS Appeals Board, under Article 30.3 and Annex X of the EUISS Staff Regulations. Appeals are not admissible before an administrative complaint has first been made.

Candidates can make a complaint to the European Ombudsman. It should be noted that, under Article 2(4) of the general conditions governing the performance of the Ombudsman’s duties, any complaint lodged with the Ombudsman must be preceded by the appropriate administrative approaches to the institutions and bodies concerned.

Should a candidate have any questions related to the current vacancy notice, the selection procedure, or the procedure to follow in case they wish to lodge a complaint, they should contact ‘Human Resources’ using the online contact form and indicating the reference of the vacancy note.