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2021- What's to come? The year ahead in foreign policy

22 January 2021

There are quite a few things we know about 2021: it will be 365 days long, include scheduled events such as elections and summits, and the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic. But what is it that we do not know, should expect, or brace ourselves for?

On 22 January, the EUISS live-streamed its yearly foresight event entitled '2021- What's to come?' on YouTube to help us think through the challenges ahead, anticipate disruptions, and be better prepared for the coming year. More information here

At the event, the EUISS launched its most recent Chaillot Paper 'What if...not? The cost of inaction', drawing attention to the cost of inaction in a variety of areas, ranging from Russia to Africa, from cyberspace to environmental matters.

A calendar of key events for 2021 can also be downloaded below.