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2010 Annual Conference - Building on the civil society agenda

25 October 2010

The EUISS Annual Conference 2010 took place this year in Paris on 21-22 October. This year’s theme centred on the changing role played by civil society in the global agenda. Its subsequent focus was on how best to capitalise on these ongoing transformations with a view to building an effective multilateral approach to global and regional problems. In addressing this main theme, the conference was structured along four subsets of topics, which were explored in a decentralised working-group format ahead of the conference, and discussed by high-level panels in four plenary sessions, dealing with (1) civil society’s roles in global governance; (2) humanitarian crises and international responsibility; (3) the development agenda and peace-building; and (4) networks, diasporas, mobility / the human actors of a greater interconnection. The conference kicked off with a speech by Hubert Védrine, former French Minister for Foreign Affairs, while further lively discussions took place including as panelists:  Claude-France Arnould, Deputy Director-General of the Crisis Management & Planning Directorate of General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, Zhu Liqun,  Assistant President of the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, David Harland, Director for Peace-building Issues of the United Nations in New York, and Matthew Burrows, Counsellor at the U.S. National Intelligence Council in Washington. Preparatory seminar 3: Civil society's roles in global governance Preparatory seminar 2: Current challenges to humanitarian action in conflict situations Preparatory seminar 1: Peacebuilding and the security-development nexus