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Alerts and Briefs

  • Climate change as a 'wicked problem'

    Climate change is a 'wicked problem' and efforts to address it have been slow, uneven, and politically divisive. But building on the lessons of past debacles, diplomats and negotiators have begun to apply a series of elements, useful for addressing wicked problems, that have changed climate diplomacy for the better.

  • Climate and power: ending the oil age?

    While necessary for the climate, working through the costs and benefits of going green is an economic challenge with strategic implications. What factors will influence national efforts, and international negotiations, to cut out carbon? This Brief looks into the geopolitics of adjusting to a post-oil age.

  • Gender balancing in CSDP

    How successful has the EU been in implementing gender mainstreaming and achieving gender balance in its CSDP missions and operations?


  • Towards an EU global strategy – Background, process, references

    Against the background of the ongoing consultation exercise on developing an EU global strategy, this book presents and contextualises the landmark documents that have successively codified the Union’s external action objectives, and includes a preface by HR/VP Federica Mogherini.

  • On target? EU sanctions as security policy tools

    This Report, the outcome of an EUISS Task Force on sanctions, offers valuable insight into a practice that is now part and parcel of the Union's ‘security’ policy toolbox. It aims to shed more light on an EU policy area that is still under-researched at a time when sanctions are becoming more important in terms of their number, scale and political salience.

  • EU home affairs diplomacy: why, what, where – and how

    Home affairs matters such as border control, crime-fighting and counter-terrorism are all increasingly subject to international rule-setting and cooperation. This Chaillot Paper explores the genesis of ‘home affairs diplomacy’ and how it has taken shape.