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Alerts and Briefs

  • The refugee-development nexus

    In a marked shift from previous policies, many advanced economies are creating labour market integration initiatives for refugees. This Brief argues that although this might seem a shortcut to a more progressive strategy, it risks undermining the integrity of refugee policy and repeating the mistakes of the 1990s.

  • The EU visa suspension mechanism

    This Alert looks at the insurance mechanism designed by the EU should migration flows run out of control or a partner renege on reform commitments. But how feasible is it actually for the EU to trigger the mechanism?

  • European defence: the year ahead

    The European Union ended 2016 having agreed to a number of fresh initiatives designed to articulate (and act on) a new level of ambition for security and defence. This Brief assesses Permanent Structured Cooperation (PeSCo) as a potential game changer in the way EU member states cooperate on security and defence.



  • A handbook – The EU and the world: players and policies post-Lisbon

    This book is intended to offer interested readers a portrait of how the European Union conducts diplomacy – as well as defence, development and other related policies. It offers an overview of how the EU has evolved as a foreign policy actor, and includes analyses of the main players in the EU system and their interplay, through which it tries to convey both past dynamics and present trends.

  • After the EU Global Strategy – Consulting the experts – Security and defence

    This volume presents a compilation of memos following the EUISS workshop on the Security and Defence Implementation Plan (SDIP), in which leading experts and analysts outline their preferred level of ambition and priority areas for EU security and defence.

  • Strategy matters – EU key documents 2015 - 2016

    Following up on the previously published ‘Defence Matters – EU Key Documents 2013’ and ‘Strategy Matters – EU Key Documents 2003-2014’, this compendium presents the two major documents released by the EEAS in June 2015 and June 2016 as part of the process of strategic reflection leading to the EU Global Strategy (EUGS) on foreign and security policy, elaborated under the aegis of HR/VP Federica Mogherini.