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Alerts and Briefs

  • Islamic radicalism in the Balkans

    This Alert seeks to draw attention to the often overlooked problem of Islamic extremist movements in the Balkans. Given the region’s moderate traditions, why are radical Islamist groups now proving so popular?

  • Migration to Europe: the numbers game

    Europe is playing a numbers game – the mastery of data and information. What can be done to improve the chances of winning? And why is effective communication over the refugee crisis – to EU citizens as well as migrants – so vital?

  • Competing for ransom: AQIM vs. Daesh

    Thanks to Daesh’s recent territorial gains in Libya, its rivalry with the al-Qaeda network has been taken to the next level. In their battle for supporters, fighters and funding, the jihadists are competing fiercely for the most lucrative ‘industry’ in the region: kidnapping-for-ransom.


  • People on the move – The new global (dis)order

    This Chaillot Paper analyses the factors which have generated the current migration crisis, and emphasises that a balanced policy debate on the challenges and opportunities this phenomenon created by this phenomenon is still lacking. It examines how the devolution of global power means that a new strategy on migration and refugees will need to focus mainly on the world beyond the EU’s borders, providing people with opportunities as close to home as possible.

  • Sense and sensibility – Addressing the South China Sea disputes

    This Report, based on the work of the EU committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP EU), focuses on the territorial disputes that currently put peace and stability in the region at risk.

  • EUISS Yearbook of European Security 2016

    The EUISS Yearbook of European Security (YES) 2016 is the Institute’s annual publication compiling key documents and data related to the EU’s external action for the year 2015. YES is an indispensable publication that aims to inform experts, academics, practitioners and, more generally, all those wishing to know more about the EU and security-related matters through the showcasing of crucial facts and figures.