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Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers are essays or reports that contribute to the debate on specific issues relevant to European security. They may be based on work carried out by researchers granted awards by the EUISS, on contributions prepared by external experts, and on collective research projects or other activities organised by (or with the support of) the Institute. The Occasional Papers series finished in January 2013 with its 100th publication.

  • The West needs to return to the drawing board over its dysfunctional relationship with Iran. The author argues that there is no convincing evidence of a link between the negative impact of sanctions on the Iranian economy and an inducement of popular discontent and a change in nuclear policy.

  • Can internal and foreign policy actors develop a shared understanding of European security challenges? What are the political and institutional challenges in establishing a ‘holistic’ approach towards European security? The author argues that the EU can strengthen its existing coordination mechanisms by exploiting the possibilities offered by the Lisbon Treaty.

  • In November 2010 France and Britain embarked on a new era of defence cooperation. Why did they do so? How will it work? And what impact will it have on wider European defence cooperation? In the first in-depth analysis of its kind, the author explores these questions in detail and looks at how Franco-British cooperation can be of benefit to all European states.

  • Quelle politique pour l'UE au Zimbabwe aujourd'hui?

    07 December 2010

    par Vincent Darracq

    Le 13 février 2009 a marqué un tournant majeur dans l’histoire contemporaine du Zimbabwe, avec l’intronisation d’un Gouvernement d’Union nationale. Dans cet Occasional Paper, l'auteur s’efforce de décrypter la politique actuelle de l’UE au regard de ce développement tout en examinant les modalités du réengagement politique et économique de l’UE au Zimbabwe.

  • OP 86 - Peacebuilding in Asia

    Peacebuilding in Asia: refutation or cautious engagement?

    09 November 2010

    by Amaia Sánchez Cacicedo

    Is there an Asian approach to peacebuilding? In this paper, the author explores what characterises the Asian approach while aiming to discern to what extent Western-dominated mainstream views of peacebuilding are applicable to Asian countries.