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ISSUE Alerts

Designed as short, rapidly-produced and easily-readable publications, ISSUE Alerts offer succinct responses to the most pressing external challenges facing the Union and/or brief analyses of emerging issues.

  • This Alert offers an overview of the progress made on the multiple fronts of the war against Daesh. Have the international coalition’s efforts to degrade and destroy the jihadist organisation had a meaningful impact?

  • China’s rise and Central Asia’s security

    03 June 2016

    Martin Breitmaier

    For many years, Beijing left security engagement with Central Asia to Moscow and Washington. However, growing risks for Chinese personnel and investments are causing China to rethink its policy towards the region.

  • Recent developments to the east and south of Europe have pushed European defence back onto the agenda in Washington. What steps has the US taken to guarantee the security of its transatlantic allies? And are they enough?

  • The third in a mini-series looking at China’s rise from the perspective of Asian countries, this Alert examines the stance of the Republic of Korea (ROK). Beyond economics, what now binds Beijing and Seoul?

  • With Singapore facilitating greater dialogue between ASEAN and China, what are the prospects for regional stability in South-East Asia? And can the city-state sustain its role as an honest broker given its long-standing security ties with the US?