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ISSUE Alerts

Designed as short, rapidly-produced and easily-readable publications, ISSUE Alerts offer succinct responses to the most pressing external challenges facing the Union and/or brief analyses of emerging issues.

  • The EU-China-Africa triangle

    24 November 2016

    Jakob Bund, Michal Makocki

    The EU and China have long sought to cooperate in and with Africa. Illegal migration to Europe, China’s growing commercial investments and terrorists looking for safe haven in Africa bind European, Chinese and African interests. The proliferation of these challenges beyond African borders is now driving the three parties closer together.

  • China is increasingly engaged in a combination of investments and infrastructure development, forum-building and political messaging around the world with various sub-regional groupings of countries. Could this potentially challenge the role of the EU in Europe in the long term?

  • Europe’s shifting security landscape demands concrete action if the EU is to play a role in protecting the continent. This Alert takes a look at some of the pilot projects being launched to deliver tangible results on security and defence.

  • Artificial intelligence and autonomous systems are already disruptive technologies in civilian sectors, and the same is likely to happen when they become more prevalent in the military realm. This Alert focuses on the non-lethal applications of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, and how they might impact military capabilities and alter command structures down the road.

  • Since lifting its historic ban on arms exports in April 2014, Japan has faced an obstacle-ridden path in becoming an arms exporter. This Alert explores the track record of transfers of Japanese military equipment in the past 18 months, and how the transfers contribute to Tokyo’s strategic ambition of becoming a fully-fledged security actor in the region, even at the expense of economic benefits.