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Les Rapports sont des publications dont les auteurs sont multiples, reprenant habituellement le fruit des travaux de Task Forces mises en place par l’EUISS ou bien ceux d’autres projets majeurs de recherche coopératifs. Ils consistent en l’analyse approfondie de sujets capitaux ayant trait à la sécurité et la défense, élaborée par les Analystes Seniors et Associés de l’EUISS ainsi que des experts externes.


  • Prospects for EU-India security cooperation

    09 November 2016

    Kanchi Gupta, Eva Pejsova, Gareth Price, Samir Saran, John-Joseph Wilkins

    This report is the result of a closed-door workshop and a public conference on 'Prospects for EU–India Security Cooperation' held in September 2016 in New Delhi by Chatham House, the EU Institute for Security Studies, and the Observer Research Foundation. It explores the scope for EU-India engagement on three major security issues: West Asia (Middle East), maritime security, and counter-terrorism and radicalisation.

  • Strategic communications – East and South

    29 July 2016

    with contributions from Antonio MissiroliJan Joel AnderssonFlorence GaubNicu Popescu, John-Joseph Wilkins et al

    Both Russia and ISIL/Daesh have engaged in aggressive messaging and deceptive media campaigns, albeit with distinct narratives, targets and audiences. This Report analyses the ‘what’ and the ‘how’: the respective narratives of each actor, their specificities, their few similarities and their numerous differences. The analysis also draws attention to strategic communications efforts undertaken by the EU.

  • Space security for Europe

    07 July 2016

    Massimo Pellegrino, Gerald Stang

    This Report investigates opportunities for improving European strategic thinking on space security. It analyses potential threats to critical European space infrastructure, and offers ideas for improving space system resilience, reducing external dependence, and working with international partners to ensure a secure and sustainable environment for outer space activities.

  • This Report, based on the work of the EU committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP EU), focuses on the territorial disputes that currently put peace and stability in the region at risk.

  • Understanding African armies

    18 April 2016

    Rapporteurs: David Chuter, Florence Gaub

    This Report, which focuses on key features of African armed forces, serves as an introductory guide to those interested not only in the military institutions themselves, but also the context in which European CSDP operations in Africa are deployed.