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ISSUE Alerts

Conçues comme de courtes publications, rapidement produites et faciles d’accès, les ISSUE Alerts offrent des réponses succinctes aux défis externes les plus urgents auxquels l'Union européenne doit faire face, elles peuvent aussi comporter de brèves analyses de questions émergentes.

  • Much of the current analysis of future US-Russia relations is focused on Trump’s presumed instincts and intentions towards Moscow. This Alert argues that the president’s policies towards China, Iran, energy and defence are all likely to present Russia with a difficult dilemma.

  • Although it is not the first time that Europe has experienced terrorism, for many Europeans, the phenomenon appears to be the most dangerous form of political violence today. So what is old and what new about today’s terrorism?

  • Women in peacebuilding: the EU & others

    22 February 2017

    Michaela Šimáková

    Since the 1990s, the EU's gender mainstreaming strategy has spread to its foreign policy, including its CSDP. What concrete steps has it taken to promote women in the field of peace and security?

  • This Alert looks at the insurance mechanism designed by the EU should migration flows run out of control or a partner renege on reform commitments. But how feasible is it actually for the EU to trigger the mechanism?

  • The EU Battlegroups (EUBGs) are a military rapid reaction instrument specifically tailored to the Union’s approach to crisis management. This Alert looks at how this external policy instrument can be adapted on the basis of changing needs, as well as lessons learned.