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Dans l’optique de promouvoir au sein l’Union européenne une culture de sécurité commune et de contribuer à l’élaboration de la politique étrangère et de sécurité commune de l’UE (PESC) ainsi que d’enrichir le débat stratégique, l’EUISS distribue ses publications à un large public en Europe mais aussi dans le reste du monde qui se trouve au cœur de la communauté internationale stratégique.

La publication phare de l'Institut est sa série de Cahiers de Chaillot, qui est basée sur des recherches approfondies et ciblées. L'Institut publie également un Yearbook of European Security (YES) annuellement, ainsi que des Rapports et des publications plus courtes, appelées les Briefs et Alerts.

  • EU and Japan: stepping up the game

    Brief - No15 - 29 mai 2015

    Eva Pejsova

    With Japan boosting its international profile in an attempt to become a fully-fledged security actor, this Brief looks into its prospects for deepening cooperation with the EU in view of the upcoming 23rd EU-Japan Summit.

  • Countering terrorism: an area for EU-China cooperation?

    Brief - No14 - 29 mai 2015

    Mathieu Duchâtel, Alice Ekman

    Despite their normative differences, how can the EU and China work together in order to make an effective contribution to the international fight against terrorism? And given that counter-terrorism is considered to be primarily a national competence, in which fields can the EU take the diplomatic initiative on behalf of its member states?

  • Sanctions against Russia: evasion, compensation and overcompliance

    Brief - No13 - 13 mai 2015

    Cameron Johnston

    Putin’s inner circle have tried to evade the US and EU sanctions imposed on them and have been amply compensated for their losses by the state. But with intra-elite tensions on the rise and sanctions depressing Western lending across the board, their effect on Russia’s strategic calculations should not be underestimated.

  • Defence budgets in Europe: downturn or U-turn?

    Brief - No12 - 13 mai 2015

    Olivier de France

    The year 2014 was dubbed a ‘game-changer’ for European security. Will 2015 be similar with regard to European defence spending? This Brief explores three possible scenarios.