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Occasional Papiere

Occasional Papers sind Essays die zu sehr spezifischen Themen im europäischen Sicherheitsbereich bereitgestellt werden. Die Publikationsserie wird in vielen Fällen von Gast-  oder externen Forschern verfasst. Die Serie Occasional Papers wurde beendet im Januar 2013 mit der Veröffentlichung von Ausgabe Nummer 100.

  • cover: front cover of Occasional Paper 100

    Les mesures restrictives sont les instruments de prédilection de l’Union européenne (UE) pour imposer des mesures de coercition aux pays tiers. Distinguant les différents cas de figure en cause en fonction de leur coût juridique potentiel, il s’agira ici de proposer un guide pratique du choix des mesures restrictives appropriées.

  • Front cover: occasional paper 99

    In recent years, non-state actors (NSAs) have become an important part of the EU’s policy-making process regarding the conflict. This paper examines a group of actors that, although under-researched, play a significant role in the formulation and evolution of EU external policy.

  • Front cover: occasional paper 98

    Over the last decade, researchers and policy-makers have paid increasing attention to diasporas. This Occasional Paper explores the untapped potential of African diaspora communities in promoting peace in their homelands and assesses how the European Union can engage with these non-state actors in the field of peace and security.

  • Front cover: occasional paper 97

    The EU and Mindanao: innovative avenues for seeking peace

    27 June 2012

    by Alistair MacDonald, Gabriel Munuera Viñals

    This Occasional Paper examines one of the ‘forgotten conflicts’, between the ‘Moros’ and the Philippine State, highlighting the EU's gradual move from the humanitarian and development arena towards a more explicitly political role in the peace process, in close cooperation with its Member States and with European NGOs.

  • Front cover: occasional paper 96

    Considering its linkages with various areas such as energy security, economic growth and diplomacy, climate change is a major ‘game-changer’ in international relations. The development of the climate change regime presents the EU with both an opportunity and a threat, in as much as it may either accelerate Europe’s decline as a foreign policy actor or, on the contrary, reinvigorate its diplomatic ambitions.