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Patryk Pawlak

Patryk Pawlak, from Poland, was a Senior Analyst at the EUISS between January 2011 and February 2015. At the EUISS, he dealt with the EU’s Justice and Home Affairs policies, transatlantic relations, and cybersecurity. His research focused on linkages between internal security and foreign policy, and between cyber capacity building efforts and development.


  • Cyber security woes: WannaCry?

    Cyber history provides many examples of crises that should make users, governments and businesses take immediate action. But the recent WannaCry attack shows, all stakeholders have been slow (or unwilling) to learn the lessons of these past experiences and implement effective countermeasures.

  • Cyber jihadists and their web

    This Brief explains how the internet has increasingly become a tool for extremists to recruit new members, raise funds, and conduct new types of attacks. What can be done to stop the rise of cyber jihadism?

  • State-sponsored hackers: hybrid armies?

    With the virtual and physical worlds becoming ever more blurred, and the links between such hacker collectives and governments still unclear, is it still possible to set rules for governing cyberspace?

  • Riding the digital wave – The impact of cyber capacity building on human development

    This report on cybersecurity seeks to promote a development-focused approach to the issue. The authors address security not as an end in itself but rather as a means towards social, economic and political development, and argue that cyber capacity building is a developmental issue which requires cooperation among different policy communities.